Jean-Benneth “JB” Tyrén

Brand Manager, Creative Lead, Executive Producer, Project and Production Manager,
Sales and Marketing Manager and passionate team leader.

“My background from the Advertising and Event industry, where I also run a production company since
1988, has given me completely unique skills and invaluable experiences that I use to strengthen my
clients Brand, Communication, Corporate Culture, Personell and Sales.”

I founded my first fashion and production agency in Borås Sweden, in 1988. Traveled the world as a creative consultant, came back to Sweden in 1999. I managed the design  and production agency Speedway68 in Copenhagen in 2008, then the production agency Across Agency in Malmö from 2012. Always active in Brand Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Event Marketing and Video Marketing across the world. It continues.

Because so many businesses can benefit from creative consultants, I work with simplicity and automatic understanding in many different industries. After 30 years of international experiences in Sales and Marketing it is still my passion. It’s really what I do best. I am a committed and driven team leader who likes to take direction on the compass and implement projects efficiently and with commitment. On my own or in a team. Im a driven team leader that enjoys coaching teams and individuals to perform at their very best.

I develop creative solutions, create brand experiences, present concepts, sell products and motivate staff. I create teams and see the possibilities in most things. I can lead sales and marketing teams with experience in digital and analogue marketing. Im operational as a creative lead in crossover media productions. Films, Photography, Webbdesign, Audiodesign, Musicproduction, Copywriting and Storytelling. As a creative producer I excel in creating experience-based and directed Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Fairs, Entertainment and Events.

I believe I bring insights from an artistic, syncretic perspective as well as my understanding of business. How to create results. I am a specialist in branding, copywriting, events, brand experiences and creating positive encounters between people. I am still more flexible and modern than most as an individual. Always looking for new challenges in life.

Im an accomplished Brand, Sales & Marketing Manager with expertise in developing Positive Relations, Brand Experience Campaigns, Copywriting, Brand Marketing, Event Marketing & Videomarketing. Challenge me today.

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