Brand & Marketing Manager/Consultant with expertise in developing brands, creating brand experience campaigns, copywriting and creative marketing. Extensive knowledge of creative direction in film, photography, web development, music and audio design, multimedia and premium event productions. Performing Sales, Marketing and Branding activities worldwide since 1988.
An experienced team leader with international managing skills. I’m a consultant in Sweden today working at the weekends as an executive producer at ACROSS AGENCY and also on a daily basis totally committed as a creative director-partner at the digital communication-social media agency CREATIVE PEOPLES. I live in the south of Sweden, 5 minutes from Lund, 20 minutes from Copenhagen where I also support my partner in life, Petra Torolfsdotter.  She is the Director of Operations at ACROSS AGENCY today and also active as an event consultant and lifestyle coach in Scandinavia and Italy.
I have worked as a creative consultant worldwide within lifestyle-, fashion-, retail-, automotive-, entertainment-, event- and destination industries for more than 30 years and still do so, for conscious clients. I’m operating on-demand with or without my team worldwide. I am a creative soul at heart and an entrepreneur by choice. Always looking for a challenge.
I coach personal development and personal brand, with a focus on mental health and physical health in a modern mix for a modern lifestyle. With Performance Coaching as a tool for personal development and leadership, we take control of our lives. The result is elevated levels of Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Courage, Productivity and Influence. It´s all about taking personal responsibility, showing maximum commitment, feeling increased joy and elevating your self-confidence. 
Master your internal and external world to effectively create, lead and influence your surroundings and your lifestyle. Methodological training with mentor, lifecoach Karin Boucher, Beyond Boucher has given me life-changing insights and a deeper knowledge. A different way of living life. I share my experiences and give you guidelines, in a challenging and future-oriented approach. Every day is a journey.
My focus and devotion have always been to create amazing content, great products and premium brand experiences, to develop and represent unique brands, to manage projects, and motivate teams. My roots are Swedish but my family comes from diverse places like Sycamore, USA, St Petersburg, Russia and Valois, France. I traveled the world for 30 years as a creative brand director, as an event & show producer and also as a performer, musician & DJ, JEAN BENETONE
Instead of playing golf or losing time chasing waterfalls I still perform as a professional hobby. Around 50 gigs a year gives me the opportunity to work with music live, as my therapy and escape. Music is a global religion that elevates all people, regardless.
I have a passion for wine and coffe in Tuscany with my extended family and Im still in love with the good vibes in Palma de Mallorca. Places I wish I could spend more time in, with my family. The wife, four amazing teenagers and our dog, Benjilito.
So diversity is in my structure, in my creativity and in my business approach. But I’m truly an aesthete and visualist who turned out to be a great creative director, team leader and project manager.
It´s all about your Brand.
Yours Sincerely
Jean Benneth Tyrén
email jb@jeanbenneth.com
mobile +46 (0) 708 896 130
office, studio, showroom +46 (0) 40 26 32 68