A creative consultant is a person brought into a project to add insights from an artistic, syncretic perspective. They are the left brain to business’s right brain.
Because so many fields can benefit from creative consultants, I find myself working in many different industries. Even after 30 years of international experiences doing so, it´s still my passion. It´s really what I do best. It’s common to see creative consultants in advertising, marketing and brand development. When theres need of more competence I can also provide a team of professionals on demand.

I´ve created commercial films in the Australian deserts, directed professional fashion shows in Copenhagen, London, Paris, Florence, Milan and Athens. I´ve produced shows with classic heavy metal heroes and pop nostalgia with the worlds biggest ABBA tribute band. My branding team with creatives, actors, dancers, musicians and models has done legendary brand work for 20 years in Scandinavia, I´ve launched more than 30 automotive models in the world, produced more than 1 000 events and incentives in Scandinavia, directed more than 300 opening campaigns and premium events for hotels, restaurants, clubs and destinations, created-developed-launched more than 30 fashion and lifestyle brands as a consultant and supported leading companies with retail concepts and branding activities successfully across Europe.

So what do I do? I attack problems, develop creative solutions, create brand experiences, direct and execute advertising campaigns, branding, printwork, digital design, photography, films, music, media and events. I create teams and motivate human resources. As a visualist and business consultant I penetrate the surface and find the missing details and flaws. Then I roll up my sleeves and get things done. And I do it to make a difference.0